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True Faith

True Faith

Publisher: BOA Editions Ltd.
ISBN: 9781934414828 (86pp)

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“Ira Sadoff is a master of language, concentration, of vision, of knowledge, of irony. If there are ten important poets writing in English today, he is one of them.”
—Gerald Stern

“Ira Sadoff’s True Faith both yearns for and calls into question the mechanisms for creating transcendence. He writes, ‘we all have one breath, it?s the same breath’ and our humanness drives us toward a myriad of sins. Each creates for himself a god, be it religious, artistic, economic or political, which brings miracles of beauty into his life…These remarkable poems are ultimately profound and unflinching meditations on how to understand all that is lacking in a life remembered. This insightful and timely collection continues to secure his reputation as one of our preeminent poets.”

—Claudia Rankine (author of Citizen)

Listen to Sadoff read five poems from True Faith at From the Fishouse:

History Matters

History Matters: Contemporary Poetry on the Margins of America Culture

Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN-13: 9781587297977 (228pp)

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From the Publisher:
“In plainspoken writing, he [Sadoff] probes the question of the poet’s capacity to illuminate and universalize truth. Along the way, we are called to consider how and why art moves and transforms human beings”

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