True Faith “Ira Sadoff is a master of language, concentration, of vision, of knowledge, of irony. If there are ten important poets writing in English today, he is one of them.”—Gerald Stern

“Ira Sadoff?s True Faith both yearns for and calls into question the mechanisms for creating transcendence. He writes, ?we all have one breath, it?s the same breath? and our humanness drives us toward a myriad of sins. Each creates for himself a god, be it religious, artistic, economic or political, which brings miracles of beauty into his life. … These remarkable poems are ultimately profound and unflinching meditations on how to understand all that is lacking in a life remembered. This insightful and timely collection continues to secure his reputation as one of our preeminent poets.”

—Claudia Rankine (author of Don’t Let Me Be Lonely)

historymatters History Matters “If I hadn’t read it, I’d never have thought this book could be possible in these, our moribund days of literary criticism, when everything counts for teachers of literature except literature itself. Ira Sadoff does literary criticism in what is now an almost unknown way: with a lover’s riveted attention to the textures of his beloved’s body. Sadoff’s winning wager is that such attention yields revelations about the ways that poems inform us, change us, upend our normal habits of understanding—give us a world we’d never known before and cannot know in any other way. A thrilling and brave defense of poetry. A unique and, for me, heartwarming achievement.”

—Frank Lentricchia, author, Modernist Quartet, and coauthor, Crimes of Art and Terror

Barter “Ira Sadoff is a master of language, of concentration, of vision, of knowledge, of irony. If there are ten important poets writing in English today, he is one of them.”

– National Book Award  winning poet, Gerald Stern

GRAZING150 Grazing
(U. of Illinois, 1998) collection of poems”How heartening to find an already accomplished poet inventing a new voice, with a new richness of experience and insight, and a denser, more intricate music. Reality itself, the reality of the world, and of the soul, seem intensified and renewed in Ira Sadoff’s Grazing:a splendid book.”

C. K. Williams

An Ira Sadoff Reader
(U. of New England/Bread Loaf, 1992) a collection of stories, poems, essaysExamining the burdens of social and political history, his work is at the same time intensely personal, imbued throughout with Sadoff’s firm conviction that he will eventually compose “the poemt or story that will change my life,” In this Reader of Sadoff’s best poetry, essays, and – for the first in book form – a dozen haunting short stories, his faith in the power of literature shines through as a means to transform ourlives.

From the Publisher

traffic150 Emotional Traffic
(David Godine, 1990) collection of poems”Sadoff slowly broods his books into being, and the reward for our wait is a beautifully sustained volume in which every poem seems necessary.”

Virginia Quarterly Review

“Ira Sadoff’s quiet and beautiful work illuminates dark corridors of ardor and memory. Emotional Traffic is a moving and hopeful book in which the bewildering stuff of childhood is reclaimed and, in focused and vibrant language, the achievement of love is celebrated.”

Louise Erdrich

(Houghton Mifflin, 1982), novel“Ira Sadoff’s Uncoupling is a delight to come across – wonderful. Clean writing, so sure, so unobtrusive that only on second thought do you realize it’s almost poetry – and better yet, real characters, tricky and interesting, as vivid and fine and troublesome as your mother – and still better, characters actually involved in a story, right up to the neck in it, as I was, clear to the flourish of trumpets that ends the book”

John Gardner

calendar150 A Northern Calendar
(David Godine, 1982) chapbook of poems”Sadoff’s gentle, storytelling style, insistence on imagery rather than simple value judgment, and ability to get right to the point show what a poet who is academically-infused enough to nod at the canon in every poem and yet accessible enough for the common reader to understand what he’s on about can do. And Sadoff is one of at most a handful of poets working in America today who can do so. Of those, he is arguably the best…”

Robert P. Beveridge

Maine: Nine Poems
(Pym-Randall, 1981) chapbook of poemsIra Sadoff is a master poet at the height of his powers. From long focus on narrative and musical technique, he has come to a style that is both looser and more assured than ever, registering the complex tonalities of the human response to communal issues, the individual expressing the whole range of emotion in the face of social and political forces beyond individual change. His poems build graceful bridges between the integrity of the individual soul and the larger concerns that both threaten and challenge our humanity.

Words From the Frontier – Poetry in Maine

Palmreading150 Palm Reading in Winter(Houghton Mifflin, 1978) collection of poems…”If Sadoff possesses an enviable visual sense, he also has a marvelous ear; there are passages in these poems that should be heard as well as seen.” –Joel Conarroe, Washington Post Book World
Settling Down
(Houghton Mifflin, 1975) collection of poemsDavid Wagoner praised his “unusual gift for fresh metaphors”; Daniel Halpern admired “his wit, his imagination and intelligence, his lively evocation of the nostalgic, his pacing and sense of time”; Sandra Hochman wrote: “I think it is one of the best books published in the past decade.”

On the dust jacket


Palm Reading in Winter: (Carnegie-Mellon Contemporary classics 2014),204,203,200_.jpg

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